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Demo for VSTORE.ca ecommmerce solutions: Not sure weather our ecommerce solution is right for you? Try out the ecommerce hosting solution demo today!

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Ecommerce Solution Demo

To make it easier for you to decide if you want to use our service we welcome you to experiment with the demo account below. Please note that we reset the demo account every hour so don't be surprised if the changes you made suddenly disappear. We log all access to the demo and we reserve the right to prosecute anyone who uses the demo tool for illegal or unethical purposes. For security purposes please make sure to logout after you are finished using the demo. Please note that the original pictures used in the demo are of a very small size which does not show the auto thumbnail feature properly. Feel free to upload large product pictures so you can truly see the automatic thumbnail feature in action!

VSTORE.ca Basic Service Demo


Demo Login: vstoreb
     Demo Password: demo

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