Business Web Hosting: This article explains the basics of business web hosting and gives an overview of VSTORE.ca's business web hosting solution.

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What is Web Hosting?

For your web site to be available on the internet you must have a Web Hosting Provider. A Web Hosting Provider possesses the technologies necessary to make your web site available on the internet. Your web site is stored on their computers, where it is then made available to the internet via their high speed lines and web server technologies. Various types of web server technologies exist, and depending on the purpose of your web site you will need to select a provider that meets your needs closely.

Business Web Hosting vs. Normal Web Hosting

A business has many needs that a personal web page does not. Business web pages often require much higher traffic allowances, disk space considerations, and transfer rates than a personal web site. Business web pages also often employ the use of Active Server Pages, PHP Pages, or Cold Fusion to facilitate the connecting of the web site to a database, allowing for the management of much larger amounts of content. Connecting your business' web site to a database makes it much easier to alter the content or appearance of your web site, so for businesses featuring large numbers of products and massive amounts of content this is the way to go.

Business web sites often require E-Commerce functions such as a shopping cart, customer login features, database driven product catalogs, payment functionality, and the ability to calculate tax and shipping.

Be sure, when selecting your Web Hosting Provider, that the traffic allowance (usually in gigabytes per month), disk space, and transfer rates are high enough to meet the current and potential traffic needs of your web site. Also be sure that the E-Commerce functions your store provides are supported by whatever web design or hosting package you choose.

VSTORE.ca Web Services

VSTORE.ca's 100% Free E-Commerce Web site provides everything you need. You get yourownaddress.vstore.ca, with enough disk space, transfer speed, and traffic allowance to handle the busiest of E-Stores. Our E-Commerce Store building tools can have your web site on-line in an hour, rivaling professional web designers with our 100% Database driven solutions to ease functionality for you and your customers.

Your customers will be impressed with our account maintenance and ordering tools, secure transactions, search tools, and more. You will be impressed with our easy to use interface for getting the orders quickly, complete with credit card validation and real-time UPS/USPS shipping costs. On the fly capabilities such as these ensure that your painless, seamless E-Commerce Store gets your products to your customers on time. Click Here for a complete list of our 100% Free E-Commerce solution features.

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