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The following applies only to problems related to Before opening a support request please make sure to create a special customer account on your site called a customer test account. You can do this by visiting your website and then clicking on "My Account" and opening a new account. You can then use this special test account to verify that all the site features that depend on a customer being logged in work properly. These include order entry, shipping and payment calculation and order processing as well as account management and writing reviews. If you have any problem we will not be able to fix it unless you provide us with this test customer account. If you start advertising your site before creating a test customer account and validating that all functions are working as expected than you may face major problem such as non-working shipping and payment calculations. We highly recommend that you always try to order a few products from yourself to make sure that your site is configured correctly.

Due to the large number of trouble tickets we receive, it may take a a day or two for our support staff to process your request. If you have not already done so, please review the following support resources. Many customers will find their questions already answered their in.

You may also want to try our Live Help if it is online.

If you have a question not answered in the above references then please post it to the appropriate section of our user support forum. The forum is intented for all types of "how to" questions. Since other users can also answer your question on the forum, it is more likely that you will get a faster and more detailed response.

Please make sure to check our list of known issues before opening a support ticket. The list of known issues will tell you which problems have been already brought to our attention and the estimated time of resolution/progress on each issue.

If after reviewing the resources above you still have a problem or question, then please complete the form below to open a support request. If your problem involves actions that would be taken by a customer who is logged into your site, then please make sure to specify the following information in the Ticket Description field to allow us to handle your request more quickly.
  • One customer account login and password that is having the problem you mentioned. You should always have a test customer account that you use to test your site before allowing real customers to buy products. We need the information for this account and the problem must be reproducible using this account.

  • The steps we need to take after we login under that customer login and password to reproduce the problem.
The more information that you provide and the more detailed your description of the problem, the faster and more completely we can fix your problem and/or answer your question. The resolution of many support request we receive is delayed by a couple of days due to incomplete information.

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