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Whether you want a free web store or a Premium web store, what you get for the price with vStore will exceed your expectations. vStore's customer support is second to none and far superior to most. Other web hosts could learn something from vStore's attention to their customers.

DOC http://www.agiftrack.com

I feel lucky to have found VSTORE.ca...When I talk to someone who has paid another person or company hundreds of dollars to create their ecommerce store i feel bad for them because i know they could have a great store at VSTORE.ca for free or the premium for less than $1 a day...Unlike other ecommerce companies that i looked into before finding VSTORE.ca they do not just offer a store to sale your products they show you how to get visitors and links to your store...Also, VSTORE.ca offers a ton of wonderful features, easy to use administration panel, reports for tracking sales and visitors to your store, easy to use tools to help you track orders as well as communicate with customers and much much more...Their support is unmatched...Any question or problem i have is solved within 24 hours if not immediately...The support forum is wonderful, you will not find negativity there only members helping others with problems, giving suggestions, figuring out solutions together, see for yourself ...I dont know where my business would be without VSTORE.ca and the many wonderful people who are members of VSTORE.ca who have helped me get where i am today...But i am very thankful that i didnt believe the lie that you have to pay a bunch of money to have a wonderful store with all the features you need to make money on the internet...VSTORE.ca has everything you need...Just check out my site or any other VSTORE.ca members sites and see for yourself.

Crystal Rush

I have been studying shopping cart hosting for a while now and looked into many. I signed up with a free one and was given a minimum of 20 products. There were no designee options besides my logo and a gray background, besides the customer support being good. I had nothing. I have created another shop with them and I pay over 100 dollars a year and I still cannot add unlimited products. With VStore I was amazed that you can get a free customizable website that lets you add unlimited products. There are NO stores that I have found that allow you to do what you can do at VStore for FREE. Using the award winning osCommerce VStore is by far the best site to host your online store. I have compared the regular osCommerce to the osCommerce found on VStore and it’s hard to believe the benefits of getting your store hosted by Vstore. When joining, you are greeted by a community of store owners willing to help you and a wonderful and knowledgeable staff. When deciding on who to use for your web store hosting, keep VStore on the top of your list

Wayne McDaniel
xD Anime (www.xdanime.com)

At VStore you have an excellent e-commerce system with superb support. Whether you sign up for the Basic Service or pay for the Premium Service you can rest assured that everyone receives the same personal assistance. The only difference will be that the Premium Service has extra facilities. I have spent hundreds of pounds on another e-commerce site and had many problems with very poor support, so I know how wonderful it is to finally find a company so dedicated to helping its users. I have been amazed at the time and effort individuals will devote to trying to help other users with their problems, they do not necessarily have in-depth expertise, but if they can help with your problem, then they will. There are users worldwide and members online nearly all the time, so you can get help 24/7. The Support Forums are wonderful and with responses to queries almost immediately in some cases, it is something that many larger companies could learn from. Why not check out the forums over a couple of days and view the questions asked and the help and advice given, as well as the response times. Join us at VStore, it costs nothing to sign up and you will be amazed at what they have to offer. Where else can anyone, even those who have just joined, ask to have certain facilities added which would be of benefit to not only them but possibly other users, and the response is that they will be added to the list. The thing with VStore is that they really know how to make you feel at home and like you are part of a really big family.

Mark Finegan
Fhaso Gifts

I was looking for an on-line store to compliment my high street shop and I could not believe my luck when I found www.Vstore.ca - it was exactly what I needed to get me started. In just a month I have managed to put together a professional website that some companies were trying to charge me thousands for! Even for me, it took very little time to get it up and running. The benefit of managing an on-line store like VStore is that you can quickly change it and add items on an adhoc basis. Great software package!

Maxine http://www.chinabasics.co.uk

I did not really realize how lucky I was to have signed up for a free vstore.ca until I did a web search on ecommerce websites. That is when I discovered there are no other free ecommerce sites and most available sites cost much more than the premium vstore service. I previously had a website to sell my scroll saw patterns which I had to have built and maintained for me. Since finding vstore.ca I have been able to set-up and maintain the site myself. I even had one fellow business web site owner contact me asking about my business because to him "my store site looked like one of those big money making operations"

Ron Scroll saw patterns from photographs ... ... imagine the possibilities! http://www.scrollsawyer.vstore.ca/

Web www.vstore.ca

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