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VSTORE.ca Complete Feature List: Detailed listing and description of all VSTORE.ca ecommerce solution capabilities. Includes a detailed comparison of the basic and premium services to help you make an informed decision.

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Complete Description



Storefront website features

Customer Order Mgmt.

      Customers can view their order history and order status and are automatically notified by email when their order is completed and/or their order status changes.



Customer Account Mgmt.

      Customers can maintain their accounts using and online address book to store multiple shipping and billing addresses.

      Customers can change their account password, modify their email and newsletter preferences and update their product notification list.



Professional Shopping Cart

      Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers.

      Shopping cart contents are visible at all times to the customer and can be updated quickly and easily.




      Fast and friendly quick search and advanced search features.

      Customers can search by product name, description, category, manufacturer, price range, and availability date.



Product reviews

      Customer and guests can browse existing product reviews and even write their own review.

      Review features text commentary as well as star rating on a scale of one to five.



Foreseen checkout procedure

      Customers can easily navigate back and forth through the shipping, payment and order confirmation entry forms and can easily update order, address and billing information at anytime during the checkout process.



Advanced security

      Certified 128 bit SSL server for secure order processing and customer account creation and management.



Best Sellers

      Global and per-category bestseller lists helps customers narrow in on popular products.



Cross Sell Tools

      Customers can see what other customers have ordered with the current product shown.



Easy Navigation

      Complete breadcrumb trail for simple yet powerful site navigation.




New/Upcoming Products

      Customizable listing of new and upcoming products allows returning customers to be instantly updated as to current and upcoming catalog changes.



Multiple currencies

      Customers can easily select between different supported currencies and have all prices automatically converted to the selected currency based on current currency exchange rates.



Product Browser

      Customers can easily sort and filter products by product name, category, manufacturer, model and/or price.

      Unlimited depth category hierarchy allows customers to easily find your products no matter how many products you may have.




      Specials information box and module quickly displays random and all current product specials.

Coupons and Gift Certificates

      Customers can use electronic coupons setup by the store owner to buy products.

      Customers may purchase gift certificates which they can then redeem against future store purchases or send by email as a gift to anyone they would like.

Instant Download of Digital Produts

      Customers receive a time/use limited download link by email after paying for digital products. This link allows them to download the product instantly without store owner intervention.


      Customers can contact the store administration through a simple web based contact form.

      Reduces SPAM email by not publishing the store owners email address on the website.


      Store owner chooses what contact information is made available on the website.



Printable Catalog

      Customers have access to a printable catalog listing all the stores products and services.



Product Notification

      Customers can easily register for global and specific product change notification. This allows customers to be automatically notified by email when a products price has changed or when a new product is added.



Information Pages

      Allows customers to view additional store information such as location, privacy policy, shipping and returns or company information.



Professional Layout

      Highly customizable professional store layout projects a positive image for your business and reassures customers considering doing business with your organization.



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