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VSTORE.ca Complete Feature List: Detailed listing and description of all VSTORE.ca ecommerce solution capabilities. Includes a detailed comparison of the basic and premium services to help you make an informed decision.

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Complete Description



Storefront administration features

General Configuration

      Configuration of the following options:


      Configuration of the following options: Store name, owner, email address, store address, email preferences, product default sort order, shopping cart display options, tell a friend module options, default search operator and tax display options.



Min/Max Value Configuration

      Configuration of the following options:


      Minimum and maximum length for customer account details, credit card verification details, review text, best seller, also purchased modules, order history, specials listings, address book entries and much more.



Images Configuration

      Configuration of the following options:


      Scaled image width and height for different classes of images used in the store, image size calculations and whether to display images.


      Images are automatically scaled using and advanced graphics library to the size configured in this area saving you valuable time but not having to manually resize potentially hundreds of images.



Customer Details Configuration

      Enable/disable account collection of sensitive customer information such as gender, date of birth, company, suburb and state.



Shipping/Packaging Configuration

      Specify shipping options such as country of origin, postal/zip code, maximum package weight,  tar weight (packaging weight) and the percentage price increase for packages larger than the maximum package weight.



Product Listing Configuration

      Turn on and off the display of various product details including image, manufacturer, name, model, price, etc


      Turn on and off the display of the category and manufacturer product filters.


      Set multi-page navigation bar visibility and location.



Stock Control Configuration.

      Configure product stock options such as having the system keep track of stock levels and not allow checkout for a product when stock is exhausted.



E-mail Options

      Turn on or off HTML emails and temporarily disable store emails.



Template Options

      The template tool allows you to select from our image library 10 images that you want to use as the background and borders of store elements such as information boxes, headers, footer, columns and page areas. You then can map any one of these 10 images to any store element to give your store a very customized look and feel.


      Using this tool you can enable information box skinning, set the background color for any of the 10 image backgrounds, apply a specific skin set to the left, main, and/or right columns. Set header and footer width and height and apply a specific image background to them. You can also completely hide the left or right columns and set the left and right column width.



Category/Product Management

      Create an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories to organize your products in.


      Assign a unique image to each category and sub-category.


      Set category sort order or use default alphabetic sorting.


      Create an unlimited number of products. Set and change product status, date available, manufacturer, name, tax class, quantity, model, manufacturer URL and weight.


      Use a very powerful integrated MS word like HTML editor to quick and easily create product descriptions.


      Upload product imagea and have professional looking thumbnail images created automatically.


      Product preview feature allows verification of product details before adding it to the catalog.


      Copy (products only), move, edit and/or delete any product or category.


      Use search and drop down jump box to easily navigate to the correct category. This is very useful for store with thousands of products organized in hundreds of categories



Advanced Category and Product Management

      Use the Easy Populate tool to upload and download your entire catalog to/from a MS Excel spreadsheet.


      Save time and effort by editing your catalog offline and than connecting only to perform a simple one step upload.


      Use this powerful tool to easily create a catalog with thousands of complex products in a small fraction of the time it would have taken you entering each product manually.



Advanced Bulk Image Management.

      Quickly and easily upload any number of images at the same time using our simple image upload tool.


      Bulk image upload combined with the easy populate tool allows for fast and simple creation of very large catalogs.



Product Attributes Manager

      Add/delete and manage an unlimited number of product attributes. Examples of product attributes are color, size, capacity or pizza toppings. Each attribute is an option to an existing product and can have an additional price.



Multiple Products Operator

      Copy, move and delete multiple products at the same time.



Manufacturers Manager

      Add/deleted and edit the list of product manufacturers. Specify a name, image and website for each manufacturer to allow your customers to easily find out more information about each of the manufacturers products you sell.



Review Manager

      Easily edit or delete product review written by your customers.



Specials Manager

      Create, edit and delete time limited specials for any number of products. Special price can be specified as a percent or as an actual new price.



Update Prices/Stock Tool

      Quickly update the weight, price and/or quantity remaining of any product in your catalog.



Products Expected

      List all excepted products and allows for quick editing of expected products.



Sell Digital Products

      Easily sell digital products like e-books and software right from your store. Upload the product file(s) using a simple web based file manager. Customers automatically receive a special link to download the product once their order payment is received.


      Includes many advanced features such as setting an expiry date for the product download and restricting the number of times a user is allowed to download a digital product. 100MB of space to store and manage your downloadable products. Product attributes feature allows you to specify a download option for any product. For example, you could offer a CD version and a downloadable version of the same product for different prices.



Coupon and Gift Certificate Administration

      Increase sales and customer loyalty by offering time limited discount coupons. Sell gift certificates to your customers in any amount you chose. Customers can easily email gift certificates to friends making it the perfect digital gift. Easily offer a special gift voucher or coupon to new customers. Easily email gift vouchers or coupons to customers or any internet user.


      Advanced security features ensure that your gift vouchers and/or coupons are not abused. Web based admin allows you to track gift voucher and coupon use.



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