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VSTORE.ca Complete Feature List: Detailed listing and description of all VSTORE.ca ecommerce solution capabilities. Includes a detailed comparison of the basic and premium services to help you make an informed decision.

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Complete Description



Storefront administration features continued

Payment Processing Modules

      Payment modules allow you to accept many different forms of payment. You can choose to accept a single payment method or many payment methods. You can also configure you store to accept different payment methods depending on the billing address of the customer. Additionally if you chose to support more than one payment method you can easily change the display order of the methods on the checkout page.


      VSTORE.ca currently supports the following payment methods:

o       AnyPay

o       Advanced Merchant Solutions Credit Card (online)

o       Australian Bank Transfer Payment

o       Authorize.net

o       Credit Card (Offline credit card processing. This is very useful if you already have a credit card machine) [premium and ad-free customers only]

o       Cash on Delivery (Store Pickup)

o       e-Gold

o       Euro Pay (Requires EUR currency)

o       iPayment

o       Cheque/Money Order

o       Netpay

o       NOCHEX

o       Pay-2

o       PAY-COD.COM

o       Paymate

o       PayPal Simple Module

o       PayPal IPN Module (Recommend: PayPal accounts are free. Ask us how to apply for one)

o       PaySystems Credit Card

o       2CheckOut

o       PSiGate

o       SECPay

o       StormPay

o       Bank Transfer or Deposit


      If you need a new payment method please let us know and we can give you a quote on how much it will cost to add it.



Shipping Calculation and Option Modules

Shipping modules allow you to offer different shipping options for your customers and have the system automatically calculate the shipping rate based on the shipping module selected and the configuration of that module. Modules generally calculate shipping costs based on weight, price and destination. The system can also contact different shipping companies to get real time shipping quotes.


      VSTORE.ca currently supports the following shipping modules:

o       Canada Post (real time quotes)

o       Combined Standard and Cash On Delivery module

o       Extra Table Rate

o       Federal Express (real time quotes)

o       First Item, Plus Additional Items

o       Flat Rate

o       Free Shipping

o       Free Count

o       Multi-regional Multi-table

o       Per Item

o       Percent Rate

o       Per State / Per Item

o       Region Based Rates

o       Store Pickup

o       Table Rate

o       Rate based on Total Order Amount

o       United Parcel Service (real time quotes)

o       United States Postal Service (real time quotes)

o       Zone Rates

o       Royal Mail


      If you need another shipping module installed please let us know.



Order Total Module

      Controls the calculation of total order price including the application of shipping, taxes and low order fees if applicable.



Customer Manager

      Browse, edit and/or delete customer records.


      Email a specific customer.


      View all orders for a specific customers.


      Search for a specific customers




Order Manager

      View and/or delete any order.


      Update order status and notify customer.


      Edit order details including product contents.


      Easily generate invoices and packages slips for any order.


      Search for a specific order.



Localization/Taxes Manager

      Add/edit/delete countries from which you will accept customers. Change ISO code 2 and 3 as well as international address format for any country.


      Added/delete or edit zones (specific locations within a country which could be states, provinces, cities, regions, etc.). These zones will be combined into tax zones to allow for localized tax, shipping and payment configuration.


      Create and edit tax/shipping zones which are a grouping of one or more zones and are used to configure localized tax, shipping and payment configuration.


      Create an unlimited number of tax classes which you can use to assign different taxation calculation methods to different products. For example you could have the taxes classes Service Tax, Goods and Service Tax and Tax exempt. Each product is assigned a tax class can be associated with one or more tax rates.


      Create an unlimited number of tax rates and for each tax rate specify the tax class that it applies to and the tax priority. Tax priority determines how more than one tax rate for the same class are applied. Tax rates at the same priority are added, others are compounded. This flexible tax implementation allows you to meet the tax requirements of your local government.



Currency Control

      Add, remove and/or edit the list of currencies that you accept. Also allows you to set a default currency for your store.


      Use the integrated exchange update tool to easily update the exchange rates for all your supported currencies relative to your default currency.



Orders Status Manager

      Add, delete and/or edit a list of order statuses. Order statuses allow you and your customer to track the progress of their order. Examples of order statuses might be Pending, Confirmed and Shipped. When they place the order the status is confirmed. Once the payment has cleared the order is moved to confirmed and than it is moved to shipped once the order has been shipped.



Basic Visitor Tracking

      Real time viewing of all visitors browsing your storefront as well as the contents of their shopping carts.



Advanced Statistical Reporting

      See reports on a variety of useful web statistics such as  visitor IP address, browser language, site language used, language country, number of visits, date of last visit, uri and referrer.


      View 38 dynamically generated graphical charts.


      Real time visitor tracking allows you to follow your customers as they browse your store. You can see which pages they visit, how long they look at each page and where they came to your store from.


      Comprehensive visitor tracking allows you to easily evaluate the effectiveness of your store layout and product offering in attracting and retaining customers.




      Advanced statistical reporting allows you to easily track many aspects of your store front, including

o       Products viewed report.

o       Products purchased report.

o       Customer order total report.


Banner Manager Tool

      Quickly add/edit/remove one or more custom banners for your store. Banners can be a logo for your store, an ad for your store or an ad for a third party (third party ads are allowed in the premium service only). Banner can be assigned to groups, scheduled and rotated based on store owner instructions. View statistics on banner impressions and banner clicks.



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