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VSTORE.ca Complete Feature List: Detailed listing and description of all VSTORE.ca ecommerce solution capabilities. Includes a detailed comparison of the basic and premium services to help you make an informed decision.

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Complete Description



Storefront administration features continued

Text label editing tool (define languages tool)

      Quickly and easily change almost any text label on your store. For example you could change "Categories" to "Services" or "Manufacturers" to "Meals". The flexibility to quickly edit any label gives you enormous leverage to customize your store. You can even use this tool to translate your store into another language!



Email Manager

      Easily send plain text or HTML email to a specific customer, newsletter subscribers or to all customers.



News Letter Manager

      Easily send plain text or HTML email newsletters to all your newsletter subscribers.


      The newsletter is a great way to keep your customers up to date on new specials, new products and services and to get the most repeat business out of your existing customer base.



Email Manager

      Easily send a plain text or HTML email to a specific customer, newsletter subscribers or to all customers.



Page Editor Basic

      Enable or disable any of your four custom pages plus the front page.


      Optionally assign a top right image to each custom page.


      Change the title, sort order and link text for each custom page.


      Use an integrated advanced MS Word like HTML editor to easily create the content for each of your custom pages. The integrated image manager tool allows you to embed your own images into your custom web pages. The integrated manager tools also allows you to measure, crop, resize and rotate your custom images right from your web browser. No more need to fiddle with complicated image editing application when you want to do quick image edit.



Page Editor Unlimited

      All the features of page editor basic and you can also create an unlimited number of brand new custom pages!


Page Editor - Header and Footer Extension

      Easily customize all aspects of the page header and footer which is displayed on every page of your store. Configure many different options such as background color, banner text and background color, category color or design very own header from scratch using the integrated MS Word like HTML editor!


Information Box Manager

      This tool allows you to hide or show any information box (specials, currencies, manufacturers, etc...) and move information boxes from the left and right column. You can also change the position of an information box in a column. Combined with the Infobox Skin tool and the other VSTORE.ca style customization tools there is no virtually limit as to the number of unique professional store looks you can create.



Information Box Skins Manager

      This tool allows you to choose from a library of elegant images to use as the background of your store's display elements. You can chose up to 10 different image backgrounds to use at the same time but placing a different image background into a container known as a slice set. You can also set the image margins which is useful to adjust the exact positioning of the images relative to your text in order to create that perfect look.



Information Box Skins Mapping Manager

        Easily map any of the ten image slice sets to any store display element. Store display elements include information boxes, columns, headers and footers and of course the main content. Each of these display elements can be mapped to a different image slice set or you can chose to disable Infobox skinning for a particular element or for any group of elements thereby offering you maximum flexibility.



Integrated Online Image Selector and Editor

      Quickly and easily upload, insert, view, resize, crop, measure, rotate and save in different formats any image.



Advanced Bulk Image Management

      Quickly and easily upload any number of images at the same time using our simple image upload tool.


      Bulk image upload combined with the easy populate tool allows for fast and simple creation of very large catalogs.



VSTORE.ca Account Manager

      Quickly and easily update any of your account information including changing your password and contact email.



VSTORE.ca Customize Tool

      Set your store title, name, category, meta keyword, meta description and directory description.


      You can also select from one of our 11 professional ready made templates to use as a basis for further store customization, or if you do not want to customize further the ready made templates are a professional complete solution for your stores look and feel.


      Select from over 40 professional button styles to use for your store.



VSTORE.ca Customize Tool Advanced

      All the features of the basic VSTORE.ca customize tool plus:


o       Access to 5 professional premium templates to give your store an exceptional look.

o       Create your own custom template.

o       Full control over small details such as bullet color, information box corner, decoration and more arrow colors. Access to an advanced graphical color picker to easily choose colors for various store elements.



VSTORE.ca Domain Hosting Tool

      Configure you own custom domain name to use with your store. Dont have your own domain? Register one for you for under $10 or better yet sign up for one year of service and get a free domain!


      Using your own company domain name such as mycompany.com will give your storefront an added level of professionalism.



VSTORE Email Management

      Dont want to use a custom domain name? No problem; any email sent to the address subdomain@domain.com will automatically be forward to the email address listed in your account. For example, if your store address is http://computercity.vstore.ca than any email to computercity@vstore.ca will automatically be forwarded to the email address associated with your account. This allows you to use computercity@vstore.ca email address in your store configuration and as your return address when interacting with customers and they will never know that you are using a Yahoo or Hotmail account!


      If you have your own domain name, such as computercity.com than things get even better. You can use our advanced email management tool to create an unlimited number of email forwards. Why not create forwards called sales@computercity.com, support@computercity.com, return@computercity.com or webmaster@computercity.com. You can than chose to forward each address to the same email or to different emails. Using the VSTORE.ca email management tool you can make your company appear very large and professional by allocating a different email address for each department and no one will know that all these email are being read and answered by just a few people or even one person.


      Additionally if you have configured email hosting you can also use unlimited auto responders. Auto responders are automated programs that reply to email on your behalf and allow you to dramatically increase the level of customer service you provide. For example you could set up an auto responder on the support@computercity.com email address that automatically replies to any email sent to this address with a message telling the sender that their email has been received by the support department and will be addressed as soon as possible. You can also include a list of solutions to common problems. This way even if you get a request at 4:00 a.m. the sender gets a prompt and professional reply which buys you time to answer the email in more detail without the customer knowing you do not have 24/7 online support.



Style Sheet Editor

      Not satisfied with the 11 ready made templates. Well using this tool you can design your own! After selecting Custom as your template you can than use the style sheet editor tool to customize the font, margins, color, background color, border, padding, display style of almost every element of your store. All of this without having to learn anything about cascading style sheets since the VSTORE.ca style sheet editor includes and advanced MS word like style editor that allows you to select any style with a few clicks of your mouse!   



Preview Tool

      Quickly and easily preview your store as you build and modify it using the VSTORE.ca store preview tool.



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