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VSTORE.ca Complete Feature List: Detailed listing and description of all VSTORE.ca ecommerce solution capabilities. Includes a detailed comparison of the basic and premium services to help you make an informed decision.

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VSTORE.ca Complete Feature List



Complete Description



Store Promotion Tools

Froogle Data Feeder


      This tool allows you to upload your entire store catalog to the Google product search engine called Froogle. Froogle receives millions of queries per day from internet users looking for specific products. Being included in the Froogle search results is an excellent form of FREE advertising and should help you to attract more targeted prospective customers to your store.




Return on Investment Tool


      The ROI or return on investment tool helps you track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by allowing you to insert conversion tracking code on your customers order completion page. This allows you to use the advanced conversion tracking features of online advertising services such as Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing as well as many other affiliate programs such as Fine Clicks, Commission Junction and Dark Blue.




Technical Support

Basic Technical Support


      Access to our online support help desk where you can open trouble tickets. We do our best to answer all trouble tickets within a few days but we make no guarantees as to if/when your issue will be resolved.




Premium Technical Support


      Access to our online support help desk where you can open trouble tickets. Tickets opened by premium customers are automatically moved to the beginning of the queue and receive priority attention. We strive for a maximum 24 hours response to all premium tickets. If a response to a premium ticket takes more than 48 hours we will give you a 20% discount on your current months fees!





Advertisement Funded Service


      VSTORE.ca reserves the right to display advertisements for third party products and services on your storefront and on any other information or control panel pages. VSTORE.ca will try to make the ads on the storefront professional and modest as to not distract too much attention away  from your clients however we can make no guarantees in this regards since it is the advertisers that are paying for the service.


      Under no circumstances are you allowed to display any type of third party advertisements on your storefront.



Advertisement FREE Service


      VSTORE.ca guarantees that absolutely no third party advertisements will be displayed anywhere on your storefront or on in any of the control panel tools or information pages.


      VSTORE.ca gives you the full right to display and profit from 3rd party advertising on your storefront as long as those ads do not violate our terms for service (adult sites, gambling, alcohol, etc...)





Basic Service


     Ideal for new users who want to try the service or for small stores with a very limited budget.



      The VSTORE.ca basic service is not crippled in any way and is fully functional (As you can see by the very impressive list of features). You can use it for as long as you want and we will never put any pressure on you to upgrade. We value all our basic customers and we will continue to improve and support the basic service.



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Premium Service


     Ideal for new small and medium business owners who want to get serious about ecommerce and project a professional image for their firm.



      VSTORE.ca does not sell the premium service to anyone who had not signed up for and tried the basic service first. The reason for that is we want to make sure that you are impressed with our basic service before we take any money from you for our premium service. Don't you wish all companies treated you like that!


Fine out more about the premium service here.

You cannot sign up for this service directly. Please sign up for a basic account and then after trying it out you can click on the premium link to upgrade

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